Lamps with a 3-5 year life are becoming extinct. So a bullet with a 3-5 year life is also becoming a thing of the past. You now have a lamp that is rated for 50,000 hours. You need a bullet that will also last 50,000+ hours!

So what is the answer…


(Electrophoretic Deposition, to be exact)

Moon Visions Lighting takes an extra step in production to have an exclusively protected DuraLune™ Electrocoating underneath the powder coat finish. This is an extra service we provide in which an epoxy"paint" becomes molecularly bonded to the fixtures and basically becomes part of the fixture itself. Inside and out – and in every crevice, hole, threaded piece, etc.

So how does it work…

  • A DC charge is applied to the bullets immersed in a bath of oppositely charged “paint” particles
  • Epoxy “paint” particles are drawn to the bullet and are deposited
  • Amount of coating thickness applied is controlled by electrical charge applied – within a tolerance of +/- .0001 of an inch!
  • Forms an even, continuous film over the bullet’s entire surface both inside & out
  • Provides total protection because every crevice, hole and recess is covered, known as “Throwing power”.
    • Throwing Power is the ability to achieve complete coating everywhere on the product. Inside of knuckles and fixture edges are a common place for corrosion to begin on powder-coated fixtures – this is eliminated with e-coating!
  • Provides even finish with no gaps, drips, pools, etc.
  • Bullets and upshields are coated evenly inside and out
  • No need to mask threaded pieces!
  • Wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, & temperature resistant…perfect for outdoor lights!
  • Withstands most rigorous salt spray, adhesion, dialectric and acid resistance tests


Here's what our bullets look like AFTER  they are DuraLune™Electro-Coated, but BEFORE they are powder coated Green or Bronze

Did you know?

Man hole covers, Under carriage of  cars, Mercury Marine outdrives, and Military trucks & tanks are all E-Coated products?

Did you know?

By selecting Moon Visions' exclusive DuraLune Electro-Coated bullets, you can install them in COASTAL environments without having to buy expensive copper lights!

All of our bullets, shields, and knuckles go through an 8 stage pre-treatment system with alkaline cleaner, zinc phosphate & surface sealant, 2 post-rinses, and a state-of-the-art bake oven to cure the epoxy "paint"