Create a truly customized lighting scene with Moon Visions’ variety of LED lamps, wattages, colors, and beam spreads…each LED lamp is offered in 12V or 120V, Warm White or Cool White, in a variety of beam spreads, and with optional spread or green lensesMoon Visions’ LED products are the only ones like it on the market – offering a high-wattage 12VAC and 120VAC LED bullet. Other manufacturers are limited to a maximum of 12 watts in low voltage, where we offer a 22W LED!


We wanted an LED bullet family that would be a DIRECT replacement for 120V Mercury Vapor – our 22W PAR38 is almost equivalent to a 175W MV. It’s never been feasible to illuminate 30+ foot tall trees in this way with LOW VOLTAGE! In the past you would have to use a multitude of fixtures to give you the punch and spread that one LED 12V light can do. And with the variety of sizes, wattages and lenses available in the Moon Visions 12V LED family of bullets …anything is possible!

We buy our LEDs in two parts:

  1. The light engine –  The engine is the same with either 12v or 120v so the light output is EXACTLY the same!
  2. The LED driver

Each Moon Visions LED lamp is available in both 12V and 120V in the following wattages:

  • 2.5 watt PAR20
  • 5 watt PAR20
  • 7 watt PAR30
  • 14 watt PAR30
  • 22 watt PAR38

Moon Visions’ LEDs:

  • Operate at 1.22 watts per LED
  • Have an average forward voltage of 3.5volts +/- .1 volt
  • Have a color temperature that is +/-200K
  • Use 375 Milliamps
  • Easy to retrofit into existing 120V systems… even easier to begin a new project in 12V!
  • 12V LEDs operate on electronic AND magnetic transformers!
  • Unique GU24 12V BaseGU24 base snaps and locks lamp into place
    • Great for downlighting in large trees with high wind possibilities
    • High heat and high vibration tolerant

Click on the links below for a PDF cutsheet on our LED lamps.