The Science behind Moon Visions LEDs

Moon Visions’ LEDs get an A+ report card in their quality, construction, and design. The LED chips selected to be in Moon Visions’ lamps come from an extremely tight binning process. They operate at 1.22 watts each, have an average forward voltage of 3.5 volts +/- .1 volt, have a color temperature that is +/- 200K, and use 375 milliamps. So what does all that mean?.... It means they are the best of the best!!
And because Moon Visions is the only company to offer this type of LED lighting in both 12 volts and 120 can be sure that EVERY installation is of the highest quality. Whether you are down lighting in 40+ foot trees, or up lighting small crepe myrtles around the pool, your LED lights will be consistent in both color and quality. And since our lamps are assembled here in our facilities in Texas, we can proudly say they are MADE IN THE USA!

Voltage & LED Drivers

LEDs only require 3.5 volts to operate, yet most LED PAR lamps are 120 volt. The conversion of 120 volts down to 3.5 volts generates most of the heat associated with LEDs. By operating at 12 volts, the heat is reduced by a significant percentage, the lamp life is longer, and the light reduction over time is virtually eliminated.

Wattage & Heat

Now throw wattage into the equation: LEDs are designed to operate at 1.22 watts each. Many companies have only 3-5 LEDs in their lamps, yet are rated anywhere from 15 to 20 watts. That means the current in each LED is being driven way up to run at 3-5 watts each, instead of the 1.22 watts in which they are designed. Again, this is way too hot and causes premature lamp life and output reduction. Moon Visions' PAR38 LED is 22 watts and has 18 LEDs in the lamp running at 1.22 watts each. Couple this with the fact that it can run on 12V AC, and we have one truly long-lasting LED lamp!

Tightly Binned LED’s

“Binning” is the sorting process in which LEDs are divided and chosen. It is based on three parameters: flux (total light output), color, and forward voltage. The tighter the binning, the more consistent and premium the LED chips. Moon Visions only selects those that meet our highest standards, which is in only 27 of the 1,200 bins available…in other words, the top 2%!

LED Color Temperatures

Moon Visions’ LEDs are available in Cool White (5000K) and Warm White (3500K). The cool white temperatures are best to simulate moonlight (as a comparison, mercury vapor light is 5700K) and warm white temperatures to simulate halogen light. And with the addition of our new optional green lenses, you can achieve an even closer color to mercury vapor at 5500K. Because our binning process is so tight, you can be sure that our lamps are consistent from batch to batch. A PAR30 next to a PAR38 will not be two different colors!